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Longmont Cleaning - Professional Commercial Cleaners

Celebrating Ten Years In Business!

We Get It

No one really pays any attention to carpet. At least, not until they get dirty, but carpets are the ground we stand on. They keep our feet warm, soften our steps, and look pretty nice, too. Longmont Cleaning aims to keep them that way.

We use a dry or very-low-moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning method that will refresh your carpet and leave it better than ever. Our quick-dry methods also mean there’s almost no waiting to resume regular use.

We're Green

At Longmont Cleaning, environment is everything. We know how off-putting it is to walk into an office and find grime. And we definitely don’t want to find grime in the Great Outdoors either, which is why we use certified-green cleaning products.

The products we use are of the highest quality, and sourced locally. We never use bleach or other harsh chemicals, and follow cleaning standards to a T.

We Do It All

We start at the ground and move our way up. Longmont Cleaning also offers lavatory and general office sanitation. We dust shelves and tables, scour restroom stalls, clean furniture, wipe down your mirrors, and even (because no one else will!) clean out the inside of the microwave.

Whatever needs cleaning, we’re the guys to do it, and to do it right.

We're All In

We service any and all types of businesses and environments. From medical offices to light industrial workshops to corporate buildings. We understand there are different needs for different types of offices.

We bring our cleaning expertise to the table and work with you to identify your cleaning needs and set up a plan to get it to you. That’s the Longmont Cleaning way.

Longmont Cleaning provides enviromentally sound, world class cleaning. With 20 years of experience in cleaning services, we bring excellent solutions and low cost support to small business and the small business customer.

About Longmont Cleaning

Longmont Cleaning is a local janitorial service committed to clients. We offer only the highest quality of service and fulfill any and all needs.

We provide all of the benefits of a professional cleaning crew, but at around half the cost – thanks to being an owner-operated business with pride in the personal touch.

We understand that the appearance of an office or building is important to both owners and managers alike, which is why we work hard to deliver results. We know that proper cleaning will attribute to the safety, health, and general well-being of a company and its staff.

We are devoted to offering professional cleaning service in Longmont at a competitive rate. We deliver, because we take pride in a professional job!

Our Values

At Longmont Cleaning We Strive To:

Provide High-Quality Cleaning

Prove Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

Be Flexible to Meet Your Standards

– And All This At A Fair Price –

Roll Out The Red

Our clients are important to us. That’s why we provide top-notch, friendly customer service at all times.

As You Like It

We offer nightly, weekly, even monthly cleaning schedules. We can come in for spot cleans in between appointments, too.

Free and Flexible

We won’t tie you up in a contract that doesn’t suit you. We customize any plan, and will always go above and beyond.

Tools of the Trade

We use high-quality equipment, have properly trained employees and have an experienced manager on site at all times.

What Makes Longmont Cleaning Unique?

  • Our 100% guarantee – you’ll love everything we do, and that’s a promise
  • Processes in place to ensure a complete and quality job that meets our customers’ expectations, for every visit, every time.
  • Our prices are competitive, fair, and we believe they will pleasantly surprise you
  • We use only high quality machinery and chemicals, supplies, and the right tools and supplies for every job
  • We use only trained team members with discipline and an eye for detail and quality
  • An experienced manager on your premises at all times of job operations to ensure your job is performed to optimum quality
  • Our cleaning materials and equipment are kept in a sanitary, safe and excellent condition
  • We disinfect AND clean restrooms, a 2-step process, to ensure a pleasant and clean restroom atmosphere

We use certified green cleaning supplies, sourced from local vendors whenever possible!

Contact Us

Give us a call at (720) 625-0938 or send us a message

Let’s discuss your needs, and we’ll find a plan that works for you.


We have a simple quality assurance program: If you’re not satisfied with our work, simply let us know, and we will correct the issue free of charge. THAT’S OUR 100% GUARANTEE.

We perform background checks on all of our employees. We are a bonded and insured company.

We take credit cards and checks.

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