Office Cleaning

In addition to carpet cleaning, we also offer janitorial and office cleaning services. This encompasses a basic list tasks to be performed, with any additional requests from the client included.

Basic Office Cleaning

The basics include a general wipe down and dusting of furniture and bathroom sanitation. Bathroom sanitation will cover the lavatories and, if applicable, the shower rooms. We dust and wipe down shelves, filing cabinets, and all furniture.

We make sure to remove any finger prints from the arms of wooden furniture. We also clean the fixtures in the restrooms, including wiping down the door knobs, stall handles, and handicap rails. This service provides a good level of cleanliness, but will not include any deep cleaning.

A Little Extra

In addition to our basic office cleaning, we offer other services. We will clean the break room, or other communal areas in the office. This will entail cleaning of the microwave and other appliances, sink, and other furniture.

We will also clean small carpeted areas (up to ~1000 square feet). Read more about our carpet cleaning services here.

All of It

Get everything spic-n-span. We’ll clean parts of the office you didn’t know existed. We perform a “spring cleaning” of restrooms that includes sanitizing the stall partition walls, vacuuming air vents, cleaning door handles, spraying down mirrors, and much more.

We will also clean the interior of windows, and some exteriors, if accessible. We guarantee the cleanliness of your office or building and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Sample Office Service from Longmont Cleaning

Restroom cleaning

o Mop floors

o Empty waste

o Wipe down all items

o Clean ceiling fans

Office cleaning


 Tops of cubicles

 Ornaments and accents

 window ledges

 Window blinds

 Furniture


 Clean with light duty wash and towel

 Clean chair floor mats

 Move mouse pad and key board ect.. to clean well


Lunch room


 Clean table tops free of food

 Disinfect table tops

 Rinse


 Clean interior free of food build up

 Clean plate

o Floors

o Deodorize and disinfect trash/recycle containers


o Dusting

 Coffee tables, window ledges, heater vents, fire

alarms picture frames and accents

o Vacuum/sweep under area rugs

o Vinyl tiles

 Stripping and waxing

 Remove heel marks, take, residues

 Remove ice melt and clean halls

o Clean door handles panic bars and around them