Still Not Enough?

Other Services

Longmont Cleaning offers additional janitorial services to get the nitty gritty looking pretty. These extra services will take your office from clean to spotless.

Furniture Cleaning

Fingerprints and smudges on the arms of chairs are unsightly, especially to your customers and clients. They can also play host to bacteria that will affect the health of both your staff and your clients. We wipe all parts of furniture as part of our cleaning & janitorial services. We won’t let a single smudge remain, and the best part is, we clean using anti-bacterials.


Dust build up is a subtle, but telling sign of how clean a place is. It grows so gradually sometimes we don’t even notice it. Dust build up can cause allergies and colds, decreasing the well-being of your workers. This is why Longmont Cleaning offers dusting of furniture and other fixtures as a part of our janitorial services.

Restroom Sanitation

Restrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria and uncleanliness. They are also a frequented necessity that requires the utmost attention from a janitorial service. We give them the attention they need. Our restroom sanitation is thorough. We clean all parts of the restroom, including the toilet paper dispensers, the stall partition walls, and even the air vents.